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What is Conscious Marketing?

 Conscious marketing is working with a high level of awareness, care and diligence for the indirect and direct impact marketing programs create with the intention of leaving a positive trace behind. 

Why Does Conscious Marketing Matter?

We are at the tipping point of one of the greatest evolutions of humankind.

You are at the forefront of that evolution.

Marketers play an important role in humanity. We are THE message that sets the tone for all of humanity. We have access to every screen, every home, every radio and every space we touch. WE decide what is “trendy.” WE decide what is “normal.” WE decide what is “acceptable.”

You are the superhero the world has been waiting for.

It’s time to use your super powers for good!

We are alive during one of the most exciting times this world has ever seen. We are in the midst of a global awakening of consciousness that is being driven by the Millenial generation. People are waking up to their true self and stepping back from the hamster-wheel of success to ask themselves “what is my purpose and how do I live more fully into it?” All while being bombarded with interupption-based marketing that encourages us to buy more things we don’t need and distract ourselves with meaningless entertainment that dumbs us down as a society.

Enter Conscious Marketing

Conscious Marketers think beyond profit.

Conscious Marketers inspire…

Conscous Marketers inspire their audiences to consume consiously.

Conscious Marketers inspire their audiences to do good in the world.

Conscious Marketers inspire their audiences to step into their full potential.

It’s time to challenge ourselves and our organizations to inspire

humanity to step into it’s full potential.


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Photo Credit: Images of Nichole Kelly were taken by the amazing Phil Laubner