A digital marketer and social fundraiser, Geoff help brands and nonprofits launch products, enact corporate initiatives, and raise money. In addition to his works for brands, he wrote three books on social media and marketing, including Welcome to the Fifth Estateand has spoken at numerous national and international marketing conferences.

Geoff Livingston

Geoff started and sold social media boutique Livingston Communications (2009). Projects I have worked on won awards from the Society of New Communications Research, the American Marketing Association, the International Association of Business Communicators, MarketingProfs, and an Axiom Award. His social fundraising projects raised more than $225 million online.

As a marketer, he has advised more than 10 members of the Fortune 500, including AT&T, Audi USA, Cox, eBay, Ford, General Dynamics, Google, PayPal, Pepsi Co., Procter and Gamble, SAIC, Verizon and Yum! Brands. Nonprofit clients include the American Red Cross, United Way of America, Live Earth, The Case Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Razoo, Environmental Defense Fund, and the Philanthropy 2.0 Project.

He is also an award winning photographer. His photography has been featured by Exposed DCGlen Echo Photoworks, the Art League and Del Ray Artisans in several exhibitions. His photography and photographic insights have also been featured in PetaPixelNikonRumorsUK Magazine Digital Photographerthe Huffington Post, and Digital Photography School.

Geoff Livingston currently operates two businesses. One is a campaign-centric marketing company that offers project based engagements, Livingston Campaigns (livingstoncampaigns.com). The other is his photography business, Geoff Livingston Photography (geofflivingston.com). In both cases, he seeks work that serves others and society as a whole.

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