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The Conscious Marketing Institute Introduces the Only Conscious Awakening Program Designed Specifically for Marketers

We are Living in Evolutionary Times

Are you ready to evolve with the changing world?

Join Nichole Kelly, the Marketing Industry’s first and only Chief Consciousness Officer,

in this Program of Rapid Self Inquiry that Helps Marketers Uncover Areas of

Deep Social Conditioning and Misalignment 

Why this Program

This program is designed for marketers who know there is a piece of ourselves we’ve been hiding behind bureacracy, group think and cubicle walls–that our full potential is available to us and we simply haven’t found the right key to unlock the door. 

Conscious Awakening directly addresses the biggest threat facing the marketing industry; our integrity. With the Cambridge Analytica breach, new GDPR data privacy laws and sexual harrassment scandals making national headlines there has never been a more important time for marketers to re-evaluate our values. The truth is that consumers have no idea how much information marketers have stored within their databases…and if we removed the veil we’d see even bigger headlines about ethical breaches.

It’s time for our industry to get in-front of the scandal, not by crafting a new story, but by living a life of integrity so that consumers know they are putting their trust in the right hands. Saying that and doing it are two different things. This is bigger than taking an ethics course. This is about looking ourselves in the mirror with a newfound honesty and moving beyond what we can do…to what we should do.

Every day you are making decisions that either increase or decrease the amount of harmony in your life. You think that what results is caused by the decisions you make. Yet, what actually causes what results is how you “feel” about your choice before, during and after you make it.

This program teaches you how to use energy as your guide for navigating your work and home life. It leads to increased focus, unparralleled productivity and an awakening of self that feels like walking through the door of your dream life.

You have a conscious side and an unconscious side of yourself

And they both play a role in what you create; from the level of success in your career to level of effectiveness of your latest marketing campaign and even in the amount of happiness found in your romantic partnerships.

Harnessed consciously we create harmony inside and outside of ourselves which opens up a gateway that we’ve never been taught how to navigate; access to our superhuman potential.

In fact, everyone has superhuman potential though most people have never learned how to access it.

Here’s is what has been blocking us.

Most People are Focused on Trying to Cure the Symptoms That Result from Disharmony

Most of us have become totally focused on trying to fix the areas in our life where we lack what we desire; our perfect life with the perfect career, the perfect body, the perfect partner and for some of us even the perfect children.

And for most of us; this is completely unconscious behavior. We don’t know why we do the things we do. We just know we do them and we know that our life is what it is. This is a recipe that leaves the door open for unconscious breaches of ethics and integrity. Most of us are completely blind to how our disharmonious decisions impact our reality and we unconsciously blame our lives on others, ultimately, getting lost in a life full of heroes, villains and victims. The same heroes, villains and victims we tell stories about in our campaigns, in our music, in our TV shows, in our movies and in every piece of marketing and media we create. There are no heroes, villains or victims, but there are a lot marketers trying to do the best we can in environments that aren’t always prone to support ethics over revenue.

It’s time to learn how to market and generate revenue consciously.

If you want to live a life where you can be yourself unapologetically;

If you want more energy, focus and productivity;

If you want money, success and access;

If you want your dream life, career, relationship and more;

You are ready for your next conscious awakening.

We’ve become so focused on the tangible things we want to create in our lives, that we’ve failed to recognize that what we really want is to FEEL.

We want to feel awe. We want to feel success. We want to feel loved. We want to feel freedom. We want to feel authenticity. 

Ultimately, we want to feel free. Free to pursue our dreams. Free to love with our hearts wide open. Free to express ourselves fully. Free to travel the world and live carelessly. Free to just be…ourselves; unapologetically. 

Many of us have attached money and success to this freedom despite numerous examples of people who crash and burn in the face of it. Why does that happen?

Because money and success can only amplify the harmony or disharmony that was in your life before you got it.  

This causes our life experience to bounce between the polarities of harmony and disharmony, happiness and unhappiness, fulfillment and regret, love and hate. When we are caught in a state of constant flux, it’s difficult to find peace, harmony and balance. 

Why We Fail to Create Our Dream Career and Dream Life

It’s a simple word called compromise. We compromise ourselves by not listening to our energy.  It’s quite simple actually – when someone doesn’t attract the life they want it’s often a sign of not understanding how to get into the flow of harmonious energy. 

For example, most of us have at one point in our lives struggled with getting something done. We either can’t focus. Don’t have the energy. Or simply can’t seem to identify why it isn’t happening. From writer’s block to lackluster performance we’ve all shipped something out the door that we didn’t feel was our best work. 

Yet, with a conscious approach to energy you can design your day to deliver exactly what needs to be delivered, when it needs to be delivered and do it by tapping into flow state or what some people call the zone. Flow state is that time when your creative genius is unlocked and you are simply on fire.

When you tune into your energy and start using it as a navigational system to guide you into flow state you quickly find what works and what doesn’t work to give you the results you desire.

You’ll discover that you have an unlimited supply of creativity, energy and focus available to you at all times. 

And you can access it at will.

The Process of Self-Inquiry That Unlocks the Conscious Marketer

We create what we live. We live what we create. We are taught to create marketing that sells. And so we create lives that sell. 

A life that looks perfect on the outside, but feels imperfect on the inside. A smile on our face even, when there is a tear in our heart. 

A defect turns into a unique selling proposition with just the right spin on it. My life can become a beautiful fairy tale if I can just find the right something to add to it. 

One day there will be no more villains and victims. One day I will find the perfect someone, or the perfect job, or the perfect something I don’t even know I need yet.

One day, I will reach the end of everything I don’t want…and finally begin living the life I do want. 

Photo credit: Phil Laubner
Photo Credit: Ras Vane Bennett,

Founder of Vibez Retreats and the One Love Conscious Community

But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

You can learn how to navigate the symptoms to diagnose the problem.

We can learn how to ask incredibly precise questions and how to find the answers in under 2 hours.

We can get beyond theory and straight into practice. 

What is MY definition of happy?

What do I feel like I am missing?

What do I feel like I  don’t have enough of?  Too much of?

What feels perfect right now? What does it mean to be perfect?

What if life’s perfection is found in it’s imperfection?

What could I be missing while creating all these heroes, villains and victims; online and offline.

What if it’s my dream life?

Introducing Conscious Awakening: The Ultimate Marketers Blueprint for Rapid Self Discovery

We’d like to invite you to a journey into the world of consciousness, your consciousness. 

Your full potential is waiting behind a door called consciousness. Consciousness provides access to untapped knowledge, unlimited energy and infinite potential. You could call this our superhuman abilities.

Conscious Awakening is packed with powerful tools to help your natural path of self-inquiry unfold. It isn’t designed to give you the answers, it’s designed to empower you with a system for finding the perfect question so you can find the answer within yourself.

You hold the answers you seek.

The answers to your dream life, career, family and anything else you’ve ever dreamed of.

You deserve to be living the life you’ve always wanted. You deserve to have all the love you’ve always wanted.You deserve to have all the joy you’ve ever dreamed of. You deserve to have the partner you’ve always dreamed of. You deserve to have career you’ve always dreamed of. You deserve to have it all.

This 16 week program will help you define exactly what that means. Your dream life is unique to you. You are the only one who has the vision you have. Stop following someone else’s plan.

Start uncovering your own. 

7 Reasons Conscious Awakening is Unique

1. Designed Specifically For Marketers by a Marketer

Marketers are unique. We are expected to creative geniuses and master task managers. We have to be able to switch from our left-brain to our right-brain at the drop of the hat. Our industry is dominated by creative geniuses like Steve Jobs, someone known for his forward-thinking creations just as much as his unique approach to life. He meditated. He biohacked. He successfully integrated his spiritual life in buddhishm into his mantra that made Apple truly unique; Focus and Simplicity. A mantra he learned on a self-guided spiritual journey. The path of self inquiry is the only way to unlock the creative genius within because your genius is unique to you. It’s why nothing else has ever seemed to fit perfectly. This program will help you discover it.

2. In Depth On Demand Content Delivered in 16 weeks

This program provides a 16-week framework for the course and can also be taken at your own pace. The path of self-inquiry isn’t a journey to rush. It’s one that must be available at all hours of the day and night. You never know when you’ll finally find the perfect question that unravels the core of the mind loop you’ve been running for decades. It could be a thought that comes in as you’re going from meeting to meeting or it could be a dream you had while practicing lucid dreaming. All you need is an internet connection and you can tap into your program library to watch this week’s video, download this week’s resources, receive this week’s Quantum Activation, listen to this week’s guided meditation or share your current burning questions with the Conscious Awakening community.

3. You’ll Be in a Community of Marketers Who Are on the Same Journey

You will start at the same time. Most will graduate at the same time. When you start asking yourself the really important questions in life like, “who am I?”, “how did I end up on a planet with 7.5 billion people?” and “what is my life’s purpose?” you might find yourself with other questions you didn’t expect like “how did I end up on Earth?”, “why wasn’t I born on Saturn?” and “are we living in a simulation?” We have no idea how the journey will unfold or which direction it will take you, but we do know it’s nice to have a friend who has asked themselves similar questions when one grabs ahold of you and demands to be answered. That’s part of the beauty of this program. Once you’ve seen a question that it’s time for you to answer you can’t unsee it. Many of us have the same questions and seeing how other people found their answer can unravel the perfect combination to unravel yours. Whether it’s a meditation someone tried or a train of thought from this week’s journaling exercise, there is value in the sharing of experience by a community; especially when that community has the collective power to redefine social norms for humanity in the blink of an eye.

4. The Only System Designed to Help You Find Your Own Answers

Nichole is a systems-thinker and has a proven track record for developing simple, effective and efficient solutions to real life problems. When you partake in a journey of asking some of life’s biggest questions the point is to be able to find answers, not to get lost in a life-long sea of rhetorical questions. This system combines a scientific approach to questioning and experimenting that allows the imagination to tap into creativity and the hands to start creating immediately. Every week you will be designing and testing solutions in your life. The approach is so simple Nichole taught it to her 5 year old daughter who uses it to design her summer education. It is so effective it has taken marketing teams from constant in-fighting to record-breaking performance within 90 days. It is so efficient it delivers the first prototype for testing in under 2 hours. And it’s so flexible it can be used for self-inquiry or new campaign development. Your genius is unique. It deserves to be found.

5. This is a Program Designed to Create Harmony at Work and at Home

This is the only program that integrates the path of self-inquiry with a model for holistic life design. When you are a creative thinker the truth is that we often take our work home. Sometimes it feels as if our minds won’t shut off as we wrap our brains around a creative challenge. This is often the result of not having the right formula for creative thinking at the office. We need access to our creative genius on demand, yet it seems almost elusive when sitting within the walls of a cubicle jungle or a on the short side of a looming deadline. We keep searching for balance only to find ourselves measuring balance rather than experiencing it. Learn how to find and maintain harmony in all aspects of your life.

6. Receive Guidance Directly From Nichole Kelly

Every week you’ll be invited to a journey conference call with Nichole Kelly. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your specific questions directly and be joined by others in the community. You’ll also get to hear the questions they found while exploring that week’s path of self inquiry. Many times sharing in the experiences of others will open an all new line of inquiry for yourself that is exciting or reveal a blind spot you simply couldn’t have seen without the support of another. This is a journey of self-inquiry taken with a tribe of fellow marketers and facilitated by a truly remarkable guide who understands how to create a sacred circle of trust where you can be yourself, unapologetically and loved even more for it.

7. Learn How to Access Your Unlimited Potential At Will

The key to unlocking our unlimited potential is to learn how to access flow state. The key to unlocking flow state at will is to awaken consciousness. Consciousness goes beyond intelligence and provides access to infinite wisdom. You have unique superpowers and you are the only one on this planet that has them. No one else has gone through your unique life experiences, life challenges or opportunities. You hold a unique combination of skills, experiences, talents and superpowers. In fact, we all have superpowers. The only question is whether or not we’ve unlocked our access to them. To unlock them we must discover our unique recipe for harmony, creativity and action that aligns with our life’s purpose. Have you ever noticed how superheroes discover their superpowers when they are tested with a scenario where they needed them? If you want access to your unlimited potential it’s time to run a few experiments.

Instructor Profile

From Marketer to Industry Game Changer

Nichole Kelly has helped thousands of marketers over the past 17 years step into their full potential — so they feel tremendous confidence; enjoy deep fulfillment; attract more attention for their work; avoid career pitfalls and create unprecedented career success.

She was the CEO of Social Media Explorer and won contracts with Fortune 1000 companies against some of the biggest agencies in the world despite having a small, agile team of under 10 employees. As an entrepreneur she grew Social Media Explorer | SME Digital to multi-million dollar revenue in only 18 months. This followed her already impressive corporate career as an in-house marketing executive for Sherwin-Williams, CareOne Debt Relief Services, Signs By Tomorrow and more. She blew minds when she traversed the corporate ladder from executive assistant to marketing executive in an unprecendented 10 years.

She is a well-known global marketing speaker and has spoken at every major marketing conference in the world. Her sessions consistently sell out and get the highest reviews of the conference. This is because she is a NO BS kind of gal. She tells it like it really is and then provides actionable tips to fix what’s broken and expand what’s working.

Nichole has a track-record for breaking the status quo and innovating the marketing industry. When marketers were still saying you “couldn’t” measure social media she took it upon herself to figure it out and was one of the first true return-on-investment (ROI) social media case studies in the industry, demonstrating a 732% ROI. Then she turned around and taught every marketer who wanted to learn how they could do the same.

Then something unexpected happened. After completing three cross-country trips to speak at industry conferences she had not one, but TWO minor strokes at the age of 37. She was told she had a 60% chance of a full-stroke within a year and would likely die if it happened. That’s when Nichole started exploring the path of consciousness. She had to face her own mortality and start asking the tough questions like, “Who am I, really?”, “How did I end up on a planet with 7.5 billion people?” and “What’s my true purpose?”

She found the answers and now she’s here to show marketers that there is more to life than we’ve been told. And she’s not the only one. There has been a rise in the conscious consumer and the conscious business. For what may be the first time in history, marketers are BEHIND society and she’s here to help fix that. 

Marketers deserve peace; joy; love and fulfillment in their lives and in their careers. The answer lies in awakening consciousness.

Nichole is uniquely qualified to show you how…

Nichole accepts Chris Brogan’s invitation and presents her 732% social media ROI case study at the Inbound Marketing Conference in 2010.

She is the author of How to Measure Social Media which remains the most tactical guide for measuring social media ROI on the market.

What You’ll Learn

7 Game Changing Things You’ll Learn in this Course

1. How to Learn Rapidly While Having Fun

Your speed of learning determines how far you can go in any journey. When you tune into your natural guidance systems and learn how to use emotions, thoughts and energy to know which path to take learning takes on a whole new path of adventure. You’ll learn how to use superhuman abilities like intuition and empathy combined with a systematic approach for testing your theories. It’s time to uncover your perfect solution, rapidly.

2. How to Be Yourself All the Time

Our superpowers are found behind the masks, behind the act and behind every negative emotion we allow to consume us. When we feel bad it’s because we aren’t living fully into our truth. There is a piece of us that is hiding and wants to be seen. You’ll learn how to courageously step into your true self while rapidly traversing your journey of personal transformation. Feeling is one of our superpowers. It’s time to use it to uncover our true self, unapologetically.

3. How to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

You are here for a purpose and it’s greater than your 9-5. There is a special reason you were put here on Earth and it’s time for it to reveal itself. We have spent decades learning in school, yet we still are asking the same questions, “Why am I here?”, “What is my purpose?” and “How do I live more fully into it?” That’s because school isn’t designed for this path of inquiry, it’s designed to teach you how to fit in. Your life has a very specific purpose and when you are living into it you find yourself in the natural flow of harmonious energy. It’s time to discover your purpose, definitively.

4. How to Unlock Your Zone of Genius

There is something special about you. Something very special. It’s something only you have access to and it’s waiting inside of you right now. It’s you unique zone of genius. There is something that you can be the best in the world at. We look at our business heroes and celebrities as if they have something we don’t have, but they don’t. They simply found a way to unlock their zone of genius and apply it to the world around them. It’s time to unleash your genius, repeatedly.

5. How to Find the Perfect Recipe For Your Dream Life

What works for someone else doesn’t work perfectly for you because it isn’t uniquely yours. We are all incredibly unique, yet we are also innately interconnected. When you step into your dream life you find the fulfillment you’ve been seeking and everything seems to rest in serenity. It isn’t about finding the end of the journey, but rather it’s about discovering a harmonious approach to navigating it. We are so busy in the pursuit of what we want next that we often fail to live our lives today. It’s time to live your dream life, now.

6. How to Apply What You’ve Learned at Work

The point of your conscious awakening is for you to discover your true self, reveal your zone of genius and unlock your superpowers. All of that is for naught, if you can’t integrate what you’ve learned at work where you have the opportunity for massive impact. You want to be able to transition from your deep explorations of your soul into a day at the office where you can continue to shine. The integration of what you are learning within your daily life is a key part of this program. It’s time to shine, universally.

7. How to Become a Conscious Marketer

Marketers have a huge opportunity on our hands. We are the people behind the largest social conditioning engine in the world. We are on every screen. In every home. On every plane. In every car. We are interwoven throughout society of almost every child and adult’s lives. We set the societal standard for what is most desirable in life and society responds by trying to get it. We have an opportunity to inspire humanity to step into its full potential. It’s time to market, consciously.

Will it Work For You?

If you are willing to look yourself in the mirror honestly for just 20 minutes a day this system will work for you. The reason other programs designed to deliver happiness, fulfillment, balance and harmony to your life and career struggle with success is because they attempt to give YOU the formula for YOUR life. No one else’s formula will work for you. That’s why this program uses a process of self-inquiry that helps you find your own answers. The truth is that YOU know the answers you seek. They are waiting right inside of you. However, we’ve been trained to ignore the signals that hold the answers we’ve been looking for. When we try to use other people’s formulas for happiness we end up feeling worse and even depressed as we judge ourselves for another failed attempt at the life we truly want. You deserve to have the life you want most.

Conscious Awakening: The Fastest Path to Mastering Self Inquiry and Unlocking Your Super Powers

Nichole has spent the last 4 years refining the process of self-inquiry to unlock her own dream life. You could say she learned the hard way as her own stubbornness and requirements for her life got in the way of what she was really seeking. She made all the mistakes and even found herself in a 2 year cycle of suicidal depression as she became growingly frustrated with her inability to make her old life work for her anymore. There was one thing she was doing wrong. She wasn’t listening to what her soul was trying so desperately to tell her.

Now she wants to make sure you stop blocking yours. Rather than charging clients up to $10,000 a month for one-on-one coaching like most personal development experts, Nichole is doing things differently. She wants to make this system accessible to every marketer in the world and do it affordably. That’s why she has committed to delivering her system online with scale while providing a personal touch of weekly calls. And her intention is to lower prices as the program grows, not raise them. She could choose to work only with the affluent, instead she’s listening to her soul and is making real impact with marketers like you.

She is benevolent in her purpose; her goal is to help you uncover the real you so you can take what you’ve learned and help humanity step into our full potential.


Humanity is counting on us.

Come. Get. Activated.

Join Now

This journey begins July 9, 2018

Individual License

This program is for those who are ready to go all-in on their personal transformation. Join a tribe of fellow marketers and begin living your dream life in 16 weeks.

$444 one-time payment

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$222 one-time payment

That’s less than half the cost of other professional development courses. All major credit cards accepted.

Unlimited Team Licenses

This program is for innovative teams who want to go on the journey together and need more than 20 logins. Transform together.

$8888 one-time payment

Enjoy a 50% First Course Discount and Pay Only

$4,444 one-time payment

This powerful transformation program unlocks team synergy and innovation. All major credit cards accepted.

Course Information

Tap into Your Internal Guidance System To Finally Get Answers, Heal Past Trauma, Create Opportunities, Eliminate Blockages and Finally Enjoy the Life and Career You’ve Always Wanted

This course is designed as a 16 week curriculum and combines powerful guided exercises for self-inquiry with a toolkit of resources to support you in finding your answers.

You’ll master techniques like tapping into intuition, listening to internal guidance, harmonizing your energy, attracting what you desire and living in the now.

Plus, you’ll also learn how to apply everything you learn to the marketing industry and the programs you create and put out in the world.

We believe this program is the most effective way to completely transform your life and career in only 20 minutes a day.

We are at a critical time for marketers to understand the role we play in society.

We are THE message that humanity listens to.

There has never been a more important time for us to wake up and be intentional about the messages we create for the world. You’ll wake up to your full potential so you can go help the world wake up into theirs.

Here’s Everything You’ll Discover in this Program

Core Learning Program for Conscious Awakening 

This program leverages a systematic approach for learning that builds upon itself every week

Week 1: How to Learn Rapidly and Increase Flow State

You’ll discover how to learn rapidly, first and foremost. This proven system will help you find the answer to your biggest questions in under 2 hours–so you won’t get lost in a sea of rhetorical questions of self or professional inquiry. As you become more confident in your ability to find the perfect question and the perfect solution you’ll begin to feel more excitement about the process of self discovery at home and at the office.

Your first path of self-inquiry will unlock your answer to, “How can I tap into flow state at will?”

You’ll learn:

✅ How to discover the right question to solve the core problem

✅ How to define your conditions for satisfaction

✅ How to rapid prototype your solutions in under 2 hours

✅ How to get feedback and refine your discoveries

✅ How to structure your day and environment for maximum flow state

Week 2: How to Discover Your True Desires

Now that you understand the system for learning, we’ll turn the focus on internal self discovery. This week will focus on learning how to look yourself in the mirror and fall in love with the reflection you see. We all are all capable of self-judgement, blame and denial and we all have blind spots we simply can’t see if we aren’t looking. This week you’ll learn how to look within and reflect with honesty, love and integrity.

Your second path of self-inquiry will unlock your answer to, “What do I truly want in life?”

You’ll learn:

✅ How to use a process of self-inquiry that leaves no stone unturned

✅ How to use your internal guidance system to find your truth

✅ How to hold your own mirror conversation and resolve issues with self worth

✅ How to use journaling for self discovery to reveal your true thoughts and emotions

✅ How to use a systematic approach to self questioning that gets to the core question and solution rapidly

Week 3: How to Remove Mental Blockages to Flow State

We are an intelligence driven society and we rely on the mind as our primary decision maker. However, when your mind is racing full of your latest to do list, ideas for your latest project and your internal self dialogue it can be difficult to get into flow state. You may find yourself struggling to focus and deal with the task at hand. Our mind is running a series of mental programs that are no longer serving us and it’s time to eradicate them.

Your third path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “How can my mind become my biggest ally?”

You’ll learn:

✅ How to use mental technologies to uncover your mental programming

✅ How to upgrade your internal dialogue to one that uniquely serves your needs

✅ How to remove unwanted thought patterns and activate positivity

✅ How to remove mental patterns for ADHD, burnout, jetlag and mental exhaustion

✅ How to balance and harmonize the mental field

Week 4: How to Remove Emotional Blockages to Flow State

While our society values intelligence we’ve been taught to repress emotions, especially in the office. We develop emotional blockages early in childhood. It started the first time we were told to stop crying and it only increases as we get older. We’re told to control our emotions at home and in the office. Yet, our emotions are actually a built in navigation system to our dream life. Our emotional system is the key to unlocking everything we want. It’s time to experience harmony.

Your fourth path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “Can my emotions guide me to my dream life?”

You’ll learn: 

✅ How to master thoughts and emotions to unlock flow state

✅ How to process your repressed emotions

✅ How to feel and process emotions effectively and efficiently

✅ How to tap in your emotional guidance system

✅ How to balance and harmonize your emotional field

Week 5: How to Remove Physical Blockages to Flow State

Our body is a very sophisticated organic machine and like all machines it can be optimized for performance. However, many of us find ourselves battling our physical bodies through our energy levels, weight, injuries and illness. This is a clear sign of misalignment and it can be addressed so that you can finally feel freedom within your body to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Our body is one of the most important tools for navigating this life experience. It’s time to optimize our experience.

Your fifth path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “How can I optimize my physical flow state?”

You’ll learn: 

 How your mental and emotional state affects your physical state

✅ How and why you sabatoge your progress towards your physical goals

✅ How to use nutrition and exercise as fuel for flow state

✅ How to increase self-love, self-care and schedule replenishment

✅ How to rapid prototype physical transformation 

Week 6: How to Access Quantum Energy and Clear Your Field

We are more than our body. Quantum physics has proven that everything is made of energy, even us. This largely unexplored area of the human experience provides a platform for acceleration towards our dreams. The ability to understand how energy operates and how to navigate it towards the life you want is one of our superhuman abilities. This area of exploration will open up an entirely different perspective on how to transform your life. It’s time to experience source energy.

Your sixth path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “How do I access unlimited energy?

You’ll learn: 

✅ How to open, heal and seal your primary energy centers

✅ How to understand empathy and set healthy energetic boundaries

✅ How to remove trauma and harmonize your energy field

✅ How to tap into the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric energy fields

✅ How to activate energy in the spaces where you will need to have access to flow state

Week 7: How to Connect With Your Soul and Listen to Guidance

When you tune into yourself you know there is something bigger than this human existence, there is something that sits as an observer behind everything that is happening in life. We’ve all found ourselves in moments where everything aligns perfectly. Have you ever noticed how you can feel it through your entire experience; your body, your mindy and your soul? This week you will be guided through an exploration of your soul and spirituality. It’s time to reconnect to the real you.

Your seventh path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “Who am I, really?”

You’ll learn: 

✅ How to use meditation to connect directly to your soul

✅ How to activate your guidance channel and receive guidance from your higher self

✅ How to run experiments to test and validate the guidance you receive

✅ How to discover and navigate all of your soul’s aspects

✅ How to uncover your unique life’s purpose

Week 8: How to Open Access to Conciousness 

Put simply consciousness is the observer of all that you experience. When you tap into consciousness you will quickly notice that the observer never changes, it is only the body and mind that change in response to whatever we are experiencing. Accessing consciousness is the key to our evolution as a human species and moving beyond our physical experience. Consciousness allows you to access and experience the metaphysical aspect of your human experience. It’s time to evolve beyond intelligence.

Your eighth path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “What is consciousness?”

You’ll learn: 

✅ How to use quantum energy and brain wave patterns to access consciousness

✅ How to use tools like lucid dreaming, astral projection and hypnosis

How to biohack and optimize your experience for access to consciousness at will

✅ How to expand access to consciousness using sacred medicines

✅ How to tap into our collective consciousness and make conscious decisions

Week 9: How to Unlock Superhuman Abilities

We all have access to superpowers. Superpowers represent our innate natural abilities, that for most of us, simply remain undiscovered as they haven’t been a part of our upbringing. As you continue to open yourself to untapped abilities and align your energy you will begin to discover yours. You’ve likely even experienced yours at some point in your life and simply didn’t know it was something you can replicate at will. It’s time to activate your full potential.

Your ninth path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “What are my superpowers?

You’ll learn: 

✅ How to navigate the various superhuman abilities we have already discovered

✅ How other superhumans access to their abilities at will

✅ How to run experiments to discover your superhuman abilities

✅ How to practice your superhuman abilities safely

✅ How to tap into your superhuman abilities at will

Week 10: How to Live Authentically 

Many of us go through life wearing masks and live much like chameleons. Whether it’s the mask of the perfect parent, the perfect partner or the perfect leader you’ll notice that there are times in your life where you are acting; acting like someone you think you could be or should be. Now you understand how important authenticity is to having access to your flow state and your super human abilities, but living it can be an entirely different story. It’s time to write a new story.

Your 10th path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “How can I find the courage to be me, unapologetically?”

You’ll learn:

✅ How to quickly spot and remove masks throughout your daily life

✅ How to stop getting caught up in the games you’ve been playing with others

✅ How to define your bar for authenticity in your personal and professional relationships

✅ How to release patterns of inauthenticity that are running subconsciously

✅ How to understand and empathize with other people’s patterns of inauthencity

Week 11: How to Live in Flow and Continue Growth For Life

Now that you have access to a life of harmony that is full of unlimited potential it’s time to start designing your life around it. This week you will start designing your life around your natural flow state so you can operate at peak performance. The key to accessing flow state at will is to set yourself up to have access when you need it. You’ll review all of the things you’ve learned about how and when you are naturally in flow and then develop a blueprint for your life. It’s time to live in flow.

Your 11th path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “How can I optimize my life for flow state?”

You’ll learn:

✅ How to design an annual plan and set up your life for flow state

✅ How to plan your week and day to have access to flow state

✅ How to find your way back to center when you find yourself regressing into old patterns

✅ How to set up your home, office and car for flow state

✅ How to use tools like minimizing decisions to hack your access to flow state at will

Week 12: How to Talk Openly about Your Journey

At this point you understand that you are on a journey that will extend far beyond this course. A journey that is transforming your life and you will want to talk about it with others. Here’s the thing; everyone is on their own unique journey and they may or may not be receptive to what is working for you on your unique path. Understanding how to openly discuss your journey will help you create a tribe that can help you accelerate even further, faster. It’s time to find your tribe.

Your 12th path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “How can I share authentically about my transformation?”

You’ll learn: 

✅ How to read energy to determine the level of openness of your audience

✅ How to experiment with what you share to find deeper connection with your audience

✅ How to quickly recognize someone who is part of your soul tribe

✅ How to create an inner circle of like-minded and other-minded souls for accelerated learning

✅ How to design a space for mirroring and blind spot identification with your inner circle

Extended Specialty Learning Program for Conscious Marketing

This specialty program takes what you’ve learned and applies it to the marketing profession

Week 13: How to Become a Conscious Marketer

Now that you’ve been activated into your full potential it’s time to learn how to apply it to marketing. You are an early adopter operating in a sea of unconsciousness that is perpetuating itself and you have an opportunity to leave an indelibly positive mark on humanity by evolving an entire industry. You’ve unlocked your superpowers. Now it’s time to help humanity unlock theirs. You’ll turn your focus to uncovering and eliminating your own unconscious marketing practices. It’s time to market consciously.

Your 13th path of self inquiry will unlock your answers to, “How can I become an even more conscious marketer?”

You’ll learn: 

✅ How to design your core tenants for conscious marketing

✅ How conscious companies are marketing their products and services

✅ How to audit your marketing programs for conscious and unconscious marketing behavior

✅ How to get buy-in from your organization and/or clients for conscious marketing

✅ How to measure conscious marketing to highlight it’s unique benefits

Week 14: How to Remove Unhealthy Social Conditioning from Marketing Messaging

As marketers we hold a beautiful opportunity and responsibility to remove the unhealthy messages we’ve been sharing throughout mass and industry media. We have learned to forgive ourselves for not knowing what we didn’t know and now we know. Perpetuating social norms that no longer serve humanity is unhelpful for the collective. This week you’ll start creating standards the industry will use as a guide for generations to come. It’s time to design the future of marketing.

Your 14th path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “How can I help humanity evolve?”

You’ll learn: 

✅ How to spot unhealthy and inconspicuous messages of fear, judgement, shame and competition

✅ How to use and test specific language that increases positive energy universally

✅ How to test marketing campaigns for energetic and emotional impact

✅ How to heal humanity’s collective trauma using simple energetic shifts with big impact

✅ How to get your team on board with a move to conscious marketing

Week 15: How to Deploy Conscious Data Tracking Practices

The truth of data privacy is difficult to ignore from a conscious marketing perspective. Consumers are simply under-educated and unaware of the amount of data we collect and how it is used by marketers. This week you’ll take a deep dive into your company’s data collection practices and evaluate them for conscious marketing upgrades. You’ll review everything from navigating the EU’s new rules called GDPR to setting industry standards for transparency. It’s time to come clean about data.

Your 15th path of self inquiry will unlock your answers to, “How can I evolve our data collection practices, consciously?

You’ll learn: 

✅ How to audit your data collection practices for GDPR compliance and why it applies to every company

✅ How to create conscious data collection standards and protocols for your company

✅ How to add conscious metrics to your campaign and company’s metric scorecard

✅ How to leverage simple hacks for collecting conscious metrics like return on emotion and return on intention

✅ How to increase transparency of data collection and provide access to data for prospects and customers

Week 16: How to Transcend the Hero’s Journey 

There are few marketing practices that have impacted society in our lifetime more than the hero’s journey approach to storytelling. We know we need to create a new story line, yet we also need it to be impactful. It would be even better if the new approach consistently delivered better results than our existing campaigns. This week you’ll move into tactical testing of marketing messaging that removes the hero’s journey to find your company’s winners. It’s time to get to brass tacks.

Your 16th path of self inquiry will unlock your answer to, “How can I be a conscious marketer and deliver results?

You’ll learn: 

✅ How to create conscious marketing alternatives to the hero’s journey story for testing

✅ How to use your emotional and energetic guidance system to pre-test ideas

✅ How to deploy tests by turning the process of self-inquiry into a process for rapid market testing

✅ How to use tools like split testing to evaluate the impact of new messaging, imaging and other variable inputs

✅ How to present the results of your tests to create rapid a cultural shift to conscious marketing within your organization

3 Game Changing In-Course Bonuses You’ll Get Excited About

Weekly Check In Calls

Every week you will have the opportunity to join a live open-forum call with Nichole Kelly and an entire tribe of marketers who are asking themselves the same questions.

You can ask questions and listen to other tribe members share their experiences

New Perspectives

You’ll receive a highly curated list of outside the echo chamber tools and resources that specifically discuss the questions you are exploring that week.

Exploring a variety of perspectives offers new avenues for exploration of truth

Quantum Activations

You don’t even need to understand it to feel it’s impact. Each week you’ll receive a Quantum Activation created to harmonize your energy field for that week’s lesson.

Spoiler Alert: Superpowers like these are found when you access consciousness

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Who is this program designed for? Will it benefit me?

This program is specifically designed for marketers who are passionate about creating change in themselves, in their organization, in their customer base and in the world. This program was created for the change agents who want to get beyond the status quo and want their work to mean something while they experience fulfillment in every area of their lives.

Whether you are interested in personal transformation, becoming a better marketer or leaving an indelibly positive trace on the world you are in the right place. When you graduate, you will have new skills for creating rapid change whereever you decide to put your focus; personal and professional, local and global.

How is this different from other professional development courses?

Most professional development courses focus on telling you what you can do and what you should do. They look at one area of your life and tell you these are the things you do to fix that area based on research or personal experience.

Here’s the thing…you are unique. Your needs are unique. Your desires are unique. Your experience is unique.

This isn’t a one-size fits all program that tells you the answers for what will work in your life. That’s why most professional development courses fail at delivering long-term results and have industry standard completion rates of a mere 5%.

This is a program that teaches you how to find the answers yourself using a process of inquiry that has been proven to deliver results in every aspect of life; from self-inquiry to marketing campaign creation. There are no gurus telling you what to do. Instead you are partnered with guides who offer suggestions on where you can explore more deeply, how you can ask more direct questions and simple tips designed to uncover your unique answers.

You hold the answers you seek. We offer a simple, effective and efficient process that helps you find them.

Is there scientific proof this program works?

We understand and appreciate the scientific and academic minds who want to see research studies touting the results of this program or ask for PhD level credentials before they believe something is valid. Science is catching up and fortunately there are studies that prove the existence of the human energy field and other topics you’ll explore during the course.

For example, this study from The HeartMath Institute discovers the science behind the human magnetic energy field that you will learn how to harmonize during the course.

Every week we will offer scientific resources where they exist. We also encourage you to trust your own experience. The one limit of science is that the scientific formula requires repeatable results. However, when you are in a path of personal transformation you will discover things that ONLY work for you. You are the only holder of a PhD of your experience. So while we respect scientists and academics, we also respect your discoveries with the same fervor.

You are a unique and infinite creation of humanity. There is no one else on the planet who has been through your life experiences. As such, there is no one else on the planet who holds your unique perspective or unique formula for success.

While we could spend a lot of time seeking out scientific validation, we are most concerned with uncovering the thing that actually works for YOU. If it’s repeatable throughout the group we consider that icing on the cake.

How long does it take to see results?

This program is designed to give near-immediate results. By the end of the first week you will have an entirely new lens to use as you navigate the world. Many of the lessons contain explorations of questions you simply can never unsee and answers you can no longer ignore.

Your results will have a direct correlation to the level of intention you set each week. If you commit to 20 minutes a day for 5 days a week, we commit to your personal and professional transformation, every day.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?

We ask that you commit 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week to your personal and professional transformation. That’s a little more than 90 minutes a week. You will receive all course materials for the week on Monday. You can go at your own pace throughout the week or use the recommended 20-minute per day approach. We will also offer supplemental materials which are optional and offer deeper exploration of the topic of the week.

What if I get behind?

If you find yourself needing more time to complete the program simply slow down. We understand that sometimes life puts other priorities in front of us for attention and sometimes a question needs more time for the answer to become clear. Once you join a program, you have unlimited access to the course content. So if you find yourself falling behind the group, it’s okay.You can choose to condense content to catch up, if you’d like, or simply go at your own pace.

How do I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the program?

If you aren’t satisfied with the program for any reason in the first 30 days simply send an email to our support team for a full refund. We offer a no hassle, no questions asked refund. We will ask for your feedback in order to make the program even better for future participants and hope you’ll be one of them.

Will my employer pay for this course?

We realize that finding fulfillment extends into all areas of our lives from personal to professional. This is a professional development course that is designed to help you be even more an even more effective marketer. Therefore, in most companies it may qualify for reimbursement. Ask your human resources department or your manager to check if it qualifies at your company.

Is this course tax-deductible?

If your company does not reimburse you, there is a possibility that this course can be deducted on your taxes as a professional development expense. It’s best to ask your account to ensure you are following the law in your local area.

Other questions?

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This journey begins July 9, 2018

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This program is for those who are ready to go all-in on their personal transformation. Join a tribe of fellow marketers and begin living your dream life in 16 weeks.

$444 one-time payment

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$222 one-time payment

That’s less than half the cost of other professional development courses. All major credit cards accepted.

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This powerful transformation program unlocks team synergy and innovation. All major credit cards accepted.