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Episode 6 of The Conscious Marketing Podcast lowers the veil on consumer trust in the era of fake news and we ask ourselves, can we regain it? Tech Titan and Social Change Maker Allyson Kapin joins us to look at the state of consumer trust and learn how to mobilize audiences to drive social change. We cover everything from data ethics to ranting CEOs in a wide look at how marketers and media professionals have dehumanized the customer base that supports us. 

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Segment Questions for Self-Inquiry and Reflection We begin every episode with a set of questions that are designed to expand our thinking around the topic at hand. Sometimes we get to them. Sometimes the conversation takes us in another direction. Either way, these questions are great for your self-inquiry and reflection as you form your own opinions and perspectives.

Do you think it’s possible to win back consumer trust?

What does your leadership team need to understand about the state of consumer trust? What does it impact that they know? That they don’t know?

What can you tactically do to become worthy of consumer trust? What changes are necessary in your techstack? What changes in their data policies? What changes in their tracking policies? Advertising policies?

What role does internal politics and policies play in consumer trust? As a leader in the tech industry we’ve seen countless examples of sexual harassment and unethical behavior. You have examples like the firm behind the Fearless Girl statue underpaying women. Does this affect consumers trust? Can a company recover?

If you were to place companies on a scale of where they operate with integrity…from 0 no integrity to 10 full integrity…where would you say companies operate today? Where does your company operate? Where do your clients operate? 

Where do they need to be to regain consumer trust?

How do they get there?

If your company wanted to transition into a mission-driven company what would you recommend? How can they align with a mission for social good authentically? How do they make the transition from old to new?

What is the power of a group of aligned marketers coming together for social good? What kind of impact can we have? What recommendations do you have for driving true global impact?

What are the core tenants, belief systems and social conditioning marketers should focus on expanding? Eliminating?

If a marketer wants to work on a social good campaign and/or a conscious company, who do you recommend they consider?

Pre-Show Research

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

The Cambridge Analytica breach opened all of our eyes. Many of us can see the veil we’ve been hiding behind falling. We’ve been violating consumers trust for some time…from tracking cookies to the prostitution of their data for profit we may have finally taken things too far.

In today’s episode we are going to talk about trust; consumer trust. As an industry if we do not have trust from consumers it affects every single one of us and our ability to impact humanity. It’s time for us to take an honest look in the mirror and look at how we can win back consumer trust when we ourselves are the ones breaching it.

Stats About Consumer Trust

Consumer trust is at an all time low. “In fact, a new Forrester report predicts that 2018 will be a “year of reckoning” for many brands as they face the facts that consumers might not love them as much as they thought they did.

Wow…were they looking into a crystal ball. This was in November of 2017.

“Customer experience scores have stalled in recent years, with not a single brand significantly improving its trust and experience scores from 2016.”

“One of the main reasons for the stall in customer experience is that customers are interacting with brands more often. More interactions provides more opportunities to build brand loyalty, but it also provides more opportunities to create dissatisfied customers, which is what seems to be happening. Customer confidence is high, which means customers are willing to spend, but they also don’t trust most companies.”

“According to the data, brands that own their values, like Apple and Chick-fil-A, will break away from the companies that merely borrow them.”  

86% of Americans have concern about their data being stolen. 75% are concerned about “tracking cookies” placed on their computers without their consent.

When asked how well the following groups understand online privacy implications, Americans have greater faith in Law Enforcement than members of Congress.

Some 42% of Americans find brands and companies less truthful today than 20 years ago, according to a survey presented by McCann at the 4A’s Transformation conference on Monday. At the same time, 84% of respondents to the survey, conducted by McCann’s Truth Central unit, said they believe brands have the power to make the world better place. Some 48% said brands need a strong identity and clear role.

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