In our first episode we set the stage for the rest of the podcast. Tune in and hear our background and how we ended up taking the stage to raise the bar of consciousness in the industry.


We tackle some of the toughest questions facing marketers who have had a conscious awakening.


What is conscious marketing?


Why are we inspired to talk about it?


What does unconscious marketing look like?

Want to see the ad that made Nichole embarrassed to be a white woman? Here’s a link


Want to hear Nichole discuss the ad on the Beancast? Check it out here


What does unethical marketing look like?

Here is a link to the ad we discuss so you can see it and decide for yourself


What does conscious marketing look like?


Here is a link to Dr. Bronner the brand that has successfully integrated itself into the Burning Man community in a conscious way. If you use soap…use theirs


Interested in learning more about Burning Man? Check out their site here


If you are interested in joining the Modern Monks camp in 2018 comment on this post and let us know!


What is our challenge to the marketing community?


Take a stand for ethics at a minimum…evolve to consciousness…WE are THE message. Challenge yourself to inspire, inform, educate and evolve humanity into a heart open society who loves unconditionally. Where can you leave your mark?


Here are 3 tips to gut check the consciousness within your marketing projects this week


1) Speak plainly. Remove flowery, meaningless language and fake branding


Here is a link to the brand that was discussed (Mercedes Maybach AMG SPEEDSHIFT Manually Interactive Automatic Transmission (Standard) SOURCE:


2) Remove undocumented claims Mercedes says the Maybach has unmatched comfort. We challenge marketers to prove their claims.


3) Raise the bar and give back- Go beyond 5th grade english…your dumbing society down with an expectation of undereducation in one of the richest countries in the world. Let’s educate and teach reading instead…or find a way your brand can make a difference in at least one of the communities it serves…in a TANGIBLE way.

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