Targeting the right customer at the right time with the right ad is 90% of the marketing game, but what if that targeting perpetuates stigma more than expansion?


In this episode we tackle some of the toughest questions facing marketers who have had a conscious awakening.


Is segmentation helpful for the collective?


How can segmentation empower?


How can segmentation disempower?


Are we perpetuating stereotypes or connecting authentically?


Three tips –


1) Segment to Empower – Choose an audience segment you can make a tangible impact on through inspiration, motivation and empowerment


2) Deliver Inspiration – Create marketing pieces that inspire and motivate each human soul to connect with it’s true essence, to step into it’s true greatness, to be itself unapologetically. Create a sacred space for humanity to step into itself


3) Measure Connection – Measure return on investment and profit as you always would and add in a measure for connection and inspiration. Measure the energetic response to the piece through language. Create a word cloud of all the posts/shares/comments and see what language bubbles to the top. Did you inspire? Or did you spread disempowerment?

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