In this episode we tackle some of the toughest questions facing marketers who have had a conscious awakening.

How can someone know if they are “conscious” or not?

What shifted for Nichole after her first conscious awakening?

If you haven’t had a conscious awakening can you create one?

If you’ve had a conscious awakening and you’re still finding your footing what do you recommend?

Here are Nichole’s 3 tips for finding air after your conscious awakening.

1) Have fun with your astral journey into self. Explore the astral realm with purpose and with creativity…to reveal (your life’s purpose, your spirit guides, the Infinite Creator)…to expand (your perspective, your brain power)…to heal (your past trauma, your depression, your energy field)…to grow into your full potential. (Iuri opening pandora’s box)

2) Practice hell yes or no ala Tim Ferris. Learn how to say no to the things that no longer work for you without excuses, without explanation and without guilt. Say yes to the things that move your soul.

3) Balance your time in the astral and your time in 3D. Take time to discover yourself, get in shape, eat healthy, look yourself in the mirror. And find a way to continue with your life in a way that feels good to you. Follow the joy. Follow what feels light. Leave everything that feels heavy…even if it’s only your perspective.

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