In this episode Nichole and Todd break the mold and talk about some serious issues facing the industry. We tackle some of the toughest questions facing marketers who have had a conscious awakening.

How can companies consciously handle “scandal”?

How can we have accountability without public shaming?

How can we honor the women who are affected and prevent it from happening again?

What evidence of conscious truth should journalists be held accountable to?

How should media outlets be held accountable for conscious truth?

How can we end public shaming?

What if you are the target of shaming? How can we handle it consciously?

Then here how a scandal affected one of Nichole’s mentors and how she recommends handling it.

Here are Nichole’s 3 tips for dealing with public scandal and the shame game.

1) End shaming – in reporting, in advertising, and in your content. There is simply no excuse for shaming another human regardless of their infraction. Show love and understanding for all those involved.

2) Hold a higher standard for your organization – if you find out there is something that isn’t ethical happening or crosses a line of conscious behavior then own it…and take action to rectify it.

3) Address the culture issue – Go beyond the person who offended and the person who was offended and think about how the culture of your organization supported this behavior. Consider who was aware and didn’t report it and take action on all sides. Strong action and an honest conversation with staff about what happened, how it happened and what is going to change to prevent it are critical.

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