In this episode we tackle some of the toughest questions facing marketers who have had a conscious awakening and break down tools to help you manage.

Here a list of Nichole’s favorite meditations. From silent to guided she gives you all of her favorites. Here are links to the ones she mentions.

Michael Sealey’s Sleep Hypnosis

Sonia Choquette -Meeting your Guides

Steve Nobel – Has the best meditations for clearing your energy field.

Nichole’s daily practice meditations can be found here

This 432 hz piece from One Mind on Youtube is one of Nichole’s personal favorites.

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Here are Nichole’s three tips for exploring tools to expand consciousness.

1) You don’t need any tools. Your consciousness is within you. You are the only one with the answers you seek. Go within and know that you have access to everything you need.

2) Start with a tool that selects you. Go to your local metaphysical shop and see what pops out at you. I had a crystal literally jump out of my hand and break on the floor so I would buy it.

3) Focus on what’s free and then set a budget and stick to it. You can go overboard on the latest “conscious” tools and the truth is you don’t have to have them. So before you go break the bank on crystals, oils and the latest wand set a budget each week or each month and stick to it. When your tools are no longer useful for you…clear their energy and then pass them on to someone who can use them.

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