On this episode we are going to be talking about how we make decisions and our answers might surprise you.

Hear Nichole’s biggest challenge and how she gets to a clear place.

Discover how and why Nichole and Todd talk to their spirit guides, spirit animals, connecting to source and even aliens for guidance.

Hear Nichole’s story of experiencing the total eclipse in the path of totality.

And then get clarity on some important questions when receiving guidance.

What if your guides tell you to jump off a cliff? How can you trust the source?

How does this relate to conscious marketing and how can conscious marketers leverage their guides to support their initiatives

Here are Nichole’s 3 tips for marketers to get clear and channel their truth

1) Understand what channeling really is – remember that it’s all you…a guide can provide guidance but only you can make the decision based on your truth.

2) Get clear about what your truth is – self reflect and understand your triggers – be honest with yourself on where you choose to serve yourself or your organization over service to others

3) Ask for guidance often – every day if possible

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